How to Make Easy Bridal Hairstyles – Three Simple and Effective Styles

Do you want to try your hand at doing your own hair for your wedding? Maybe you’re just searching for some inspiration. Whatever it is you’re looking for, here’s how to make easy bridal hairstyles and three examples of incredible looks for any wedding.

  • The Classy Lower Bun

The classy lower bun is a cute hairstyle that is synonymous with weddings and other formal events. This look leaves you looking and feeling like something out of a fairy tale. You can create the look at home with some clips, rollers, ties, accessories, and bobby pins.

Start by splitting your hair in half and clipping the parts to the side. Make a tight ponytail in your hair and hide it in your hair. You can use bobby pins for that. Put the roller in your hair as in the picture guide below and complete the look with some jewelry and accessories.

  • Beautiful Curls

This style is a classy little up-do. Putting your hair up is one of the most effective and reliable styles for a wedding. The benefit of up-dos is that they stay where they are, no matter what you do. These hairstyles also keep their look for longer, so you always look like you’ve just left the salon.

Start by splitting your hair into sections. Tease the front part of the hair to get it to full volume. Use an elastic band to fix the hair in place. Twist the rest of your hair into an up-do. Use some bobby pins to set hair in place. Add some accessories, and you have a gorgeous style.


  • The Dreamy Lower Bun

The lower bun is one of the best and easiest hairstyles to have for a wedding. A proper bun doesn’t take long but looks like it does. Make guests think you spent hours on your hair when really it took about ten minutes. A lower bun is also suited for short hair too.

Start by splitting your hair into two sections. Take the sections and tie them into a knot. Twist the parts of hair around the bun in opposite directions to create the actual bun. Use some bobby pins to keep it all in place. Add a touch of glamor with cute headbands.